What we're working on: Silk Woven Ties!

I've had so much fun designing our upcoming line of silk woven ties that we'll be launching with 15 unique designs, and have over 50 designs in mind! Seriously.  

The fine weave possible in a jacquard stitched neck tie allows me to explore an entirely new level of detail in my designs than is every possible with our socks!  Many of the patterns I had in mind for a socks design, that couldn't be pulled off.  With socks you are limited in the number of stitches you have per inch.  Think a cross stitch pattern.  It’s really why I used embroidery on a number of the designs, otherwise the art would take up half the sock!

I was able to source production locally in New York City, at a factory that handles manufacturing for many of the best brands out there.  Sourcing locally allowed me hands-on experience with the production process, and having immediate feedback made sure the designs were on-point from the start - something that's certainly new to me!

Unique jacquard woven patterned silk tie

Ties have such a fine weave that you can get really tiny details in small spaces, which frees up the artwork a lot.  

The new line will be whimsical, but with the same focus on subtle details that the Soxfords line has become known for.  No "novelty" tie here!  These are serious ties with a fun twist that will take you from the boardroom to the bar with ease.  A focus on more casual patterns that aren't overly crowded pairs well gingham patterned dress shirts - something that can be difficult to pull off with your typical silk screened ties with very tight pattern designs.

These ties really round out our transition from a "socks only" company to a men's lifestyle brand (more details on that in a future post).  

I hope these designs blow your socks off (then you'll have to buy more!).  Keep an eye on your email for upcoming announcements, sneak peaks, and special pre-order specials.  The launch date is uncertain, but I'm hoping to have the first of these shipping in time for Father's Day!  



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