Pops! A frozen triumph.

Posted On : May 02, 16

By : Ryan Kent

You hold in your hand a triumph of humanity. A pinnacle of human achievement, the pièce de résistance of our modern age. The push-up pop. Yum.

Sky blue pima cotton socks with ice pops dessert pattern

Simple this treat may be, no single person on this planet can create this sugary confection on their own. First, market research and product testing is undertaken to come up with the perfect balance of tartness and sweetness. Next, thousands of workers are involved in buying, selling, and producing even the simplest of raw materials. Winding through an infrastructure of commerce spanning nations, each ingredient then makes its weary way to the ice pop factory. Using complex machinery, factory workers ensure that each pop gets packaged and shipped out across the country in trucks able to maintain a below-freezing temperature.

Humans rock! Step back a bit and appreciate the little things just a little bit more with Soxfords' colorful "Pops!"


The perfect socks for summer.



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