At Soxfords we try to live by some simple rules:

  1. our community comes first—talk to us!
  2. don’t take yourself seriously—life is shorter than you think.
  3. embrace subtlety but let loose when appropriate.
  4. funky is how you should feel… not smell
  5. everyone should read Calvin and Hobbes
  6. try wearing something that starts a conversation
  7. always cut the red wire
  8. we are all geeks at heart
  9. everything sounds silly when you think about it long enough
  10. in the future we will all get to fly in rocket ships to work
  11. kids should not own a monopoly on superhero underwear
  12. you should never feel unnecessary
  13. no one likes bullies, tattletales, or brown-nosers
  14. daydream often—your subconscious often makes the best decisions
  15. dress well because you want to, not because you have to
  16. the grass is always greener because of the chemicals
  17. never underestimate the value of friends and family
  18. up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, select, start
  19. just because someone won’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t important
  20. stay grounded no matter who you may become
  21. get excited about something and think about it often
  22. we are all equally crazy—some just hide it better than others
  23. big things start small
  24. we’ve all had the cootie shot
  25. cats are crazy/funny/awesome
  26. “...Just 'cause somethin' ain't been done Don't mean it can't be did...” -Shel Silverstein

While all these things might seem a bit silly, when you add them up you get a picture of who we are trying to become.

We might take some time to get there and are bound to make a few mistakes along the way, but we'll always try to keep a fun and simple outlook on life in mind!