Construction and Fit

Fun and funky, smart and sophisticated - Soxfords socks, ties, tie bars, cuff-links, and other accessories are a hit anytime a little excitement is needed.

The Socks!

Size and Fit: Men's Socks

One size fits most, and all of our designs will comfortably accommodate US men’s shoe sizes 8 - 13, women’s 10 – 14 (unless otherwise noted).  You're a size 14 US Men's?  You should be good, but if you're also over 6 foot in height, we'd recommend sticking to a mid-calf sock design.

Mid-calf socks will fall just below the thicker part of the calf on most men.  These are preferred by many as an easy to wear style that works well both casually, and for dress.

Full-calf socks fall over the calf, just below the knee, on most men.  This is a dressier look when showing some leg is a real turn-off.   

Size and Fit: Women's Socks

 We also offer Soxfords for smaller foot sizes!  You'll find these in the women's socks section on our site.  Fitting women's US shoe size 6-10, and men's less than size 8, these socks have a lower profile that falls mid-calf on most.


Our socks are currently available in the following blends:

Most of our dress sock designs are crafted of 65% premium Peruvian Pima cotton, 32 - 33% nylon, and up to 3% Spandex.

A number of our more casual-weight socks come in a blend of 80% premium Peruvian Pima cotton, 17% nylon, and 3% Spandex.

All socks are designed to provide the perfect amount of stretch needed to mold our socks comfortably around your legs without cutting off circulation. These are socks to be proud of. We know we are!

Please note that there are small variations in size between designs, and not every design will fit exactly the same. Each unique pattern is knitted differently, causing slight variations between styles. Socks also tend to flex a bit as the stitching relaxes after production, causing the finished dimensions to adjust based on the knitting tension of the plaiting and body yarns. A design with a heavy pattern will stretch differently than a design without much of a pattern, and socks of different materials will flex differently as well. This holds true across any brand of socks you'll find - we just wanted to point it out!


The Ties!

Embroidered Ties Our embroidered ties are made in the USA from 100% silk.  Made at a local NYC factory with a brilliant history at producing some of the finest neckwear around, these ties are a our own unique spin on a classic.  At 58" long, and 3" wide, these ties are of a traditional fit, slightly tapered for a modern look, and suited for most men.

Knit Ties Our knit ties are made from 100% silk.  We selected a tight weave for these guys, giving a bit more weight, and a nicely finished look compared to most knit tie styles you'll see around.  At 58" long, and 2.25" wide, these knit ties are the perfect length for business casual comfort!

Wool Ties Our made-in-brooklyn wool ties are made from wool blends hand-selected and hand-crafted in Brooklyn, NYC.  These are more heavy-weight than most ties, and are best suited for Fall and Winter. Ties are 58" long, and 2.5" wide at the widest point.


Tie Bars and Lapel Pins!

Palladium-plated solid brass tie bars with hard-fired enameled charms and raised metal accents. Tie bars measure just over 1.6" wide (perfect for most skinny style ties, but not too narrow for more traditional looks), and just over 0.25" wide. The charms themselves are just under 0.75" on the longest side - just large enough to show detail, without being overwhelming.