And so it began...

Creative and Colorful Men's Accessories
SOXFORDS was founded in 2013 on the Upper East Side of NYC, with the idea that we should all “grow up, not old.” Guys should be able to find stylish clothing that showed off their unique personality without looking ridiculous. I wanted to help bring back a time when it was cool to get creative, but in a modern way that could move from the boardroom to the bar with ease.

It began with socks. My Dad is a dark suit and tie kind of guy, who happens to love bad Sci-Fi movies and fishing. I thought socks would be a perfect gift for Father’s Day – a fun way to let loose, but subtly. I couldn’t find a dressy pair of fishing-themed socks, so after hours of searching I decided to make them.

Without a background in fashion or design, I set out on an Odyssey to launch a great company focused on making fashion out of fun. With a supportive family, some great advice and some understanding partners, I have finally realized my dream—Soxfords launched in the spring of 2013!  

The socks were dressy and fashionable, with just a touch of flash, designed for the working professional, but appreciated by men everywhere who refuse to choose between looking professional and being an individual. I loved designing – so more accessories followed. We now have a full line of cufflinks, tie bars, embroidered and knit ties and bow ties, and more. My wife and I shortly outgrew the UES one-bedroom and started a family. Though we’re in the suburbs, I still design with the city in mind – for hard working guys who are looking to let loose, if only a little.

So what’s with the name? I woke up one night with SOXFORDS stuck in my head – it was a perfect mix of silly and serious, first bringing to mind the classic Oxford style, wedded to a pair of our colorful socks. I was inspired to build a company where fun and fashion could make nice. SOXFORDS is my way of expressing myself, sharing an inside joke with others, and making sure we can all “grow up, not old.”

Thanks for joining!
Ryan Kent
Founder, Soxfords