The Dachshund's Dilemma

A little short about the trials and tribulations of the tubular Dachshund...

"The market is booming for dachshund enhancers,
As doxies are known to be shallow romancers!
Those shortest of body all play second fiddle,
So dachshunds are desperate to lengthen their middles!
The longer the better as they stretch themselves out,
Expanding obscenely from their tail to their snout!
With bodies so long that their backs are all sagging,
Elongated such that their bellies are dragging,
You’d think such discomfort would stop their tails wagging!

Will they come to their senses? We don’t have an answer,
But the market is booming for dachshund enhancers!"

I think this design was inspired by an old pillow I saw somewhere, but I can't really remember exactly.  All I know is that as soon as the idea struck, it had to be made.

Striped dachshund socks

I'm glad I did - "The Dachshund's Dilemma" has been one of our strongest selling designs!  I think it's the unexpected way the stripes blend seamlessly with the embroidered dog body, giving this one a subtle flair.  It's also a bit naughty - and you never know who's end this long dog is sniffing!



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