New Design! "River Riders" are here!

This new design shows a pair of river tubers lazily wasting their day winding down a rippling river. Inspired by a canvas tote my wife had lying around with some hot pink flamingos sitting atop some dark blue stripes.   The juxtaposition of the bold pattern against the basic stripes stuck with me, and I started thinking about what else I could create in-line with this style.

Striped River Riding Themed Socks

I had been thinking of a "land, sea, air" trio of designs - and I guess stripes were still on my mind after the Dachshund sock.  Daydreaming a bit, I pictured that light stripes against a dark background could resemble ripples of sunlight on the water, and bold rings of color tubes floating down a lazy river.  Add on some contrasting embroidered tubes, with some fun-loving vacationers, and you have a sock perfect for summertime - or anytime a bit of summer is needed.  

I spend some time going back and forth with our designer, and a really great pattern began to emerge:

Sock pattern

A few more iterations, and we were ready for factory samples.  The first round of these socks came back perfectly, which was nice - I can't wait to share them!

The simple nature of the pattern matches well with just about anything you can throw at it, and the dark grey body (and a possible navy option) chosen for the sock body allows this design to work well in business or casual dress - and will certainly start a conversation whenever you flash a bit of ankle!   


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