"Jim's Socks" (White)


Retro Striped Tube Socks

Grow Up, Not Old.


Probably the finest example of the casual tube sock ever made, this is "Jim's sock", not a "gym sock". White, with blue and gold retro stripes, these classy classics are crafted of Peruvian Pima cotton with the perfect amount of stretch to cradle your calves in comfort, it's time to grow up, not old!

Designed in-house right here in New York, and crafted to the highest quality possible in Colombia, these are socks to be proud of. We know we are!

Construction + Fit

One size fits most, comfortably accommodating US men’s shoe sizes 8-14, women’s 10+.

A moderate-weight mix of 80% premium Peruvian Pima cotton, 17% Nylon, and 3% Spandex.

Using 120N knitting machines to craft socks with a fine level of detail, these socks are made exclusively of "36/2" yarn, where two fine yarns are spun into a single, stronger, yarn of high quality and durability.  Added stretch molds our socks comfortably around your legs all day, with a double-wide cuff to keep socks from slouching!

Read On...

"Jim's Socks" - a Soxfords story.

Feeling nostalgic, and upset by the poor quality found in today's mass-produced hosiery, Jim set out on a mission - to create a "grown up" version of his once-beloved tube socks. Inspired by the knowledge that all humans have feet, Jim's new life calling drove him ever onward in search of the perfect pair. Many adventures worth of fan-fiction later, Jim uncovered knowledge hidden deep within the heart of Colombia. Before settling down to live his life in dedication to the mysterious world of hosiery, Jim passed his knowledge to us in hopes that it would one day help others find joy for their feet.

"Ole!" Red Striped Socks

Red reverse-striped Pima cotton socks to sheathe your feet in intensity. Socks you'll be proud to show off- just not at a bull-fight!

"Selleck's Walk" Blue Striped Socks

Dark blue, white, and maroon striped Peruvian Pima cotton socks. Sure, we're known for our fun-loving socks themed around fantastical stories and adventurous designs, but some days you just need to let things mellow!