"Horton Hears"


Dark Brown with Ivory Pin Dots

Grow Up, Not Old.


A rich chocolate brown knit tie with contrasting ivory dots and pink accent tip, this just might be the finest expression of stylish individuality ever!

Construction + Fit

Crafted from 100% tightly woven silk, our knit ties class up those jeans, or dress down that suit. Knit ties are back in style for a reason - you can wear them with just about anything!

Knit ties are 2.25" wide for a modern look that still caters to traditional tastes. Our ties are meant to be dressed up or down, with patterns and colors easily paired with a wide variety of shirt styles.

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Designed in-house, these silk knit ties are crafted to the highest quality possible. Neck-wear you'll be proud to show off!

"Seeing Pink" Socks

Chocolate brown Peruvian Pima cotton socks featuring an espresso polka dot pattern. A detailed Pink Elephant is embroidered near the ankle.

"Seeing Pink" Cuff Links

Designed in-house and crafted to a fine quality. Palladium-plated solid brass cuff-links with hard-fired, hand-finished cloisonne enamel charm.