"Just Ducky"


Rubber Duck Embroidery and Polka Dots

Grow Up, Not Old.


Dark grey cotton socks with a yellow polka dot pattern. Detailed Rubber Ducks are embroidered near the ankles for a slight touch of cheek.

Designed in-house right here in New York, and crafted to the highest quality possible in Colombia, these are socks to be proud of. We know we are!

Construction + Fit

Over-the-Calf length for a dressier, comfortable fit. One size fits most, comfortably accommodating US men’s shoe sizes 8-14, women’s 10+.

A fine mix of 65% premium Peruvian Pima cotton, 33% Nylon, and 3% Spandex.

Using 200N knitting machines to craft socks with a fine level of detail, our socks are made exclusively of "60/2" yarn, where two fine yarns are spun into a single, stronger, yarn of high quality and durability.  Added stretch molds our socks comfortably around your legs all day, with a double-wide cuff to keep socks from slouching!

Read On...

"Just Ducky" - a Soxfords poem.

One rubber duck met another rubber duck, and another rubber duck made three.
The three rubber ducks found a fourth rubber duck, and his rubber duck family.
Now these eight rubber ducks had a huddle in the bubbles, as the bubble bath burbled while it filled.
But this rubber duck bubble-huddle became a very-troubled-muddle when the bubble bath's bubbles over-spilled!
Now this rubber duck bubble-huddle-turned-bubble-muddle splish-splashed in a puddle on the floor, and the rubber duck bubble-huddle-turned-bubble-muddle-in-a-puddle floated merrily out the door!

That was silly. Let others catch a glimpse of your lighter side with a pair of our "Just Ducky" socks!

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