Don't be a Cog in the Wheel!

Posted On : Jul 24, 16

By : Ryan Kent

Alarm rings. Snooze. Alarm rings. Grumble. Shower. Teeth brushed. Blue shirt. Tan pants. Brown shoes. Car keys. Ignition. Traffic. Train. Open paper. Subway. Summer sweat/winter mess. Office. Coffee. Bagel. Email. Projections. Meetings. Water cooler. Lunch. Excel. Email. Sleepy. More coffee! Meetings. Shut computer. Subway. Train. Traffic. Home. Family. Dinner. Couch. Bed. Sleep. Repeat. TGIF!

Sound familiar? As weekdays blend together it’s all too easy to lose your identity in the workaday world. Breathe some life into boring business casual, and let Soxfords’ help you to “grow up, not old!”

Unique socks help you stand out.


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