"Bad Eggs", a Poem

They'll drink up all the O.J.,
And eat up all the cheese.
Harass the ham,
 Sully the jam,
And wreck havoc with the peas!

So lock up all the ice cream, 
Be sure to hide the mousse.
Fry up the SPAM® ,
Carve up the lamb, 
Deviled eggs are on the loose!
I wrote this silly little vignette to celebrate one of the first socks designed with detailed embroidery placed near the ankle in place of a larger stitched pattern.  Using embroidery allows me to come up with some really nifty designs that just wouldn't be possible if they were stitched into the sock body itself.

You see, stitching a sock pattern is basically like doing needlepoint.  You're limited in the resolution of the image to the number of stitches per square inch your sock uses.  If you want a highly detailed image, you basically need to stitch a really large pattern.

Deviled Egg Socks
With embroidery, that changes.  Not only does the design take on a bit more dimension due to the textures that can be worked into the embroidery itself, but the image can be very intricate without taking up all that much space - a more subtle effect that has a more professional feel than your typical "novelty" sock.

I like to work embroidery into an sock design, making it part of the story being told. It's not easy!  Not all images work well with embroidery - especially on a sock.  Only a handful of factories around the world can even do what we ask - embroider down near the ankle.  It's a very special process that's still mainly done by hand, and can take up to an hour per pair!

When you pick up a pair of Soxfords, I hope you appreciate the time and effort taken to make even the smallest details matter!



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