Introducing our newest edition! Meet Soxfords' "Club Series" - casual luxury socks with a fun twist.

Posted On : Oct 12, 15

By : Ryan Kent

Late last year we set out to create the ultimate "everyday" sock.  The pair you'd pull out from your drawer again and again, no matter the occasion. Socks you'd wear five days in a row because you hate the thought of not having them on your feet!  It wasn't easy.  Creating the best luxury casual sock on the market led us down a rabbit-hole of hosiery shenanigans that took nearly a year to sort out! 

The result of which is the all-new Soxfords "Club" series. A custom-ordered blend of Peruvian Pima cotton in a slightly heavier weight than the standard Soxfords dress sock, with just the right amount of comfy stretch added in.

Soxfords "Club" series casual Pima cotton socks.

These new mid-weight, mid-calf Soxfords are free from gimmicks. Forget "arch support", "performance vented", or any other bogus claim. What you'll get are awesome socks made simply out of the best materials we could find, tested to death, and designed in truly unique Soxfords style.

We've got 99 problems, but our socks ain't one!

The bad news. Oh, so that custom blend of Pima we mentioned? So apparently it wasn't easy for our factory to source. Boo.

So there we were, ready to move with over a dozen newly minted designs, only to be hit with the news that our socks won't arrive until December. Worse news you can't imagine for a small business during the holidays.

The good news! We're certain these will become your new favorite socks. So much so that we'll be giving away one FREE pair of our new "Club" series socks with any order containing at least one pair of socks marked "Pre-Order" on our site (limit one free pair per customer). Yay!

Nothing else to it. We'll simply place an extra staff-picked "Club" pair into your bag when shipping.

Pre-Order today! Our new socks will be shipping well before Christmas in early to mid-December! 

Giving these to some lucky sock lover? Just check off "include gift box" at checkout, and we'll box these beauties up in freshly designed Soxfords gift boxes in a size perfect for stocking stuffing at no extra charge.

Thank you for your continued support! We're always working towards bringing you the best (and funnest) socks and accessories possible, and think we've finally hit our stride. 

Oh, and you full-calf lovers? We've a new pair for you! This is a special one, created through a collaboration with the fantastic artist Don Moyer. We'll be talking more about this one in the days to come, but find it listed for pre-order now!

All the best,

The Soxfords Team

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