What's missing? A quick update and thank you.


If you've visited our site recently, you may have noticed something missing. We’ve done some spring cleaning, and swept away many of our original designs from the Soxfords site!

Soxfords was started as an alternative to the many brands catering to the traditional preppy lifestyle. Our goal was to offer a fine line of accessories designed for individuals who (like us) have fond memories hunting ducks on a Nintendo rather than with a shotgun, or of playing dodgeball instead of polo.

Our original socks hit the mark on design, but we’ve learned so much about quality construction over the past two years that we no longer felt comfortable giving our old styles as much voice as our newest pairs. That’s not to say we aren’t proud of them, we've just set our bar that much higher.

Before you think we’ve put them entirely to pasture, know that our recent retirees can still be found on Amazon.com, at a great price. Feel free to visit, bingo’s at 4pm sharp.

But, onwards and upwards! Using an improved blend of Peruvian Pima combed cotton in double strength 60/2 yarn with a higher percentage of stretch for comfort, we are currently working to revamp our original designs in our newest construction to give you the best (and funnest) socks possible. Look for them to hit this fall!

We want you to know how honored we are to have your business. We believe you deserve a shopping experience that better fits your unique outlook on life and your demand for great style. Our new mantra is “Grow up, not old.” Serious style for those who refuse to take themselves seriously. Beyond better fitting socks, we’ve recently introduced a new line of finely made silk knit ties and charmingly unique tie bars. We have big plans for the near future, with an ever-expanding line of accessories and designs in the works, collaborations with great artists and brands, a possible Kickstarter campaign, and partnerships with new retailers!

We are not impressed with ourselves yet. We will pat ourselves on the back when we’ve grown enough to be able to launch new designs every few weeks rather than every few months, and then we'll get right back to work to fit and serve you better.

We really hope you enjoy the new Soxfords style, and we're grateful, as always, for your support.

All the best,

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