The world's best (and funnest) dress socks.

Posted On : Mar 21, 15

By : Ryan Kent

Why most dress socks stink (in more ways than one):

They are too thick.  Thick socks make your shoes fit tightly.  Tight shoes hurt after a long day's work.

They are too cheap.  Cheap socks are usually made with a high % of synthetics instead of cotton.  Synthetics shrink.  No one likes itty-bitty socks that you confuse with your kids'.

They are too tight. Tight socks feel like they cut off circulation.

They are nearly see-through.  Hairy legs are not an attractive sight.

They don't stay up.  Cuffs that are too narrow or too loose end up around your ankles in an uncomfortable mess.

    We've created the perfect solution - the world's best (and funnest) dress sock. 

    Our "Signature" socks offer no gimmicks like "arch support" (unless your socks are thicker than the phone book a few strands of elastic won't do all that much), our socks rely on the following:

    • A high % of Peruvian Pima cotton.  Pima cotton is known throughout the world as superior due to it's extra long strands, which lead to increased durability when woven into yarn. Due to it's durability, Pima cotton is able to be woven into finer threads, making for a higher thread count, making for fabric that is more dense per square inch than other cotton types.
    • The perfect % of stretch. Socks need a % of two of stretch (such as Lycra or Spandex), it's what makes the sock stay up on your leg without cutting off circulation.  Add too much and your sock will shrink like crazy.  Too little and they'll start falling down at inappropriate times.
    • More durable cotton yarn.  Beyond Pima cotton, we use 60/2 cotton yarn whenever possible.  The "2" in 60/2 cotton means there are two threads of fine cotton woven together to create a single strand.  That thread has the same thickness as "30/1" cotton - which is the standard yarn type you will see used.  What's this mean? It means "60/2" yarn is denser - leading to increased durability.
    • Nice comfy cuffs.  Our cuffs are at least 3" wide, an inch or more wider than is standard.  Wider means more surface area in contact with your leg - and a reduced chance of slippage!  We spent a long time perfecting our cuff - enjoy!
    • Full and mid-calf.  There aren't many brands out there with a focus on over the calf socks.  We know that you are typically in one camp or the other - so we offer both whenever possible!
    • Awesome designs.  Sure there are other dress socks touting to be the best, but we also try having as much fun with the designs themselves! It's easy to make a sock that's loud for the sake of being loud, but very hard to craft a pattern that stands out without looking ridiculous.  We focus as much on detailed embroidery work as on our intricate stitched patterns - the combination of which leads to an outstanding design you'll be proud to show off!

    Enough patting ourselves on the back.  We hope you enjoy our work!

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