How to wear a knit tie.

Knit ties have come back in style the past couple of years, and we fell in love with the fun casual style they bring.  They fit the Soxfords look and lifestyle perfectly!  

The look:
The most versatile of accessories, knit ties help jazz up your jeans, class up your khakis, add some flair to your sweater, or bring a bit of retro style to a suit.  Knit ties are generally considered a more casual look due to the textured weave and flat ends, and their generally basic color palettes and patterns can be pairs with pretty much anything. Because they aren't as chunky as casual wool ties, knit tie can be worn year-round!





Finding the right size:

No fatties here! Traditional ties are at least 3+ inches wide, but knit ties look best in a narrower in width. As ties have narrowed in width, knit ties have come back in style - a coincidence?  We think not!  We constructed the Soxfords silk knit tie at 2.25 inches.  This gives a skinny, but not anorexically-skinny look.  

How to tie:

Knit ties are a more casual tie, and should be tied with the simple four-in-hand knot.  Don't over-tighten! A tiny knot just isn't a great look.  Keep in mind that knit ties look best when they aren't too long.  Let them hang just over your belt buckle.

That's pretty much it!  Don't over think things too much, knit ties are meant to be fun!  Next time we'll talk about the exciting world of tie bars (don't all roll your eyes at once! this is serious stuff here :P).


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