Mid-calf or full-calf socks? The debate rages on...


Are full calf socks too constricting, or does an over-the-calf fit cradle your calves with a bit of comfortable compression? Do mid-calf socks slip down too easily, or do they provide an airier, comfy fit? A source of endless debate amongst sock aficionados (we exist!), the choice of buying mid vs. full calf socks can be a bit confusing, even to us sock freaks - which we can safely assume everyone spending their time reading this article must be. We're here to set the record straight.


Mid Calf

Mid-calf are your everyday socks, but can look great dressed up or down, depending on the style and quality. A lot of guys with larger calves also prefer this style, as full-calf socks might not stretch enough to fit comfortably.

Mid-calf socks are typically worn in more casual situations, as they show off more leg and tend to sag down during the day. "Saggy socks" do not a well-dressed gentleman make, and showing off hairy legs makes even the nicest suit unappealing. Mid-calf socks also fit right in with the new "socks with sandals" style being embraced by the normcore (if you happen to be into that sort of thing).



As a general rule, high socks are a requirement in more formal situations where showing a bit of leg would be off-putting. Any time you wear a suit you should be wearing full-calf socks.

Soxfords Rubber Duck Themed Polka Dot Socks

Over-the-calf socks are what we consider socks for true "sock aficionados." Many guys get turned off by the height, fearing the heat, or perhaps the extra effort involved with pulling them on. Serious sock lovers, however, will pull on a pair of over-the-calf socks any day of the week. They don't slip down like mid-calf socks tend to, and the slight bit of compression on your calves just feels right.

Traditionally, full-calf socks have been limited to dark, serious colors purchased by a more conservative crowd. We see no reason that you can't have fun even when dressed up, so we most of our colorful socks come a full calf option.

Give them a try - you won't regret it!

Full-calf socks also go by the name of over-the-calf, trouser socks, extended crew socks, knee-high socks, and any number of other names those in hosiery industry have tried in an effort to attract new converts to the full-calf circle.

The final word.

Everyone's style is different, and Soxfords is proud to offer both mid and full-calf socks in a variety of colors and themes. Regardless of your choice in socks, we support you!

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  • Lelan on Mar 02, 2023

    Tradition, in my opinion is what older folks have done as they grew.

    I do not bow to that rule of thumb, since there is no brains in that.

    I look at young people with money, and, as you have noticed, they do not biw to tradition, nor kiss-up, nor attempt to favor, because, in USA, money rules.

    When a casually dressed wealthy person shows-up to a business meeting, and the guests (as a bottom-line) want or need money, they don’t care if the king shows-up without clothes and a drip of pee balaned on his major right toe-nail.

    When the king says, “yes, I will fund that” the meeting will be adjourned without so much as a snicker.

    Even with social media, there will be no comment. Why? Because, those same guests plan to have anither successful meeting,

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