Soxfords 1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

Hoppy Easter!

Scattered throughout our site, you'll find a handful of images .  Each Easter egg or Easter bunny photo will have a code on it. Apply that code at checkout to see what discount you might receive!  

Soxfords socks easter egg hunt sale!

Hurry up! There are only a limited number of each code, and they all "eggs-pire" at Midnight on Sunday,  April 20th!

To be found:

  •  20% off any order 
  • $25 off orders of $50 or more
  • $50 off orders of $75 or more - all gone!
  • $50 off orders of $50 or more - all gone!
  • $100 off orders over $150 or more - just 2 left!

We'll cross these off as they are used, and remove the images so you aren't hopping around using defunct codes!

Happy hunting!


*Easter egg update!
While you're recovering from that jellybean hangover, there's still a bunch of special codes hidden around our site - find them before they run out!  
Some hints:
1) Search for the "Questionable" link 
2) Our story is pretty "egg-ceptional"
3) An evil bunny haunts our journal.
We've extended the hunt until Midnight (EST) on 4/21!

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