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Grow Up, Not Old.


Hand-made in Brooklyn, "Stan" is a heavier-weight wool tie with an eye-catching, woven box pattern for a very cool retro look.  A contrasting solid brown backing and tail completes the package.

We decided to experiment this year with a "Skunk Works" type project - limited-edition, hand-crafted wool ties!  

We selected sample fabrics from around NYC's famous fashion district, and drove down to a great family-run factory in Brooklyn who specializes in stitching together custom ties. The result is a fantastic collection of cool/casual ties perfect for the cooler months ahead!

Only a handful of each design were made - and once they're gone, they're gone! Comes complete with gift-box.

Construction + Fit


Proudly made-in-the-USA, these Brooklyn-crafted ties are crafted of 100% wool, or an otherwise high % wool blend.  

The ties are 58" long, 2.75" wide - a traditional look that's still on the thinner side.

Mid-to-heavy weight, these ties are best suited for Fall/Winter wear. 


Creme with brown woven pattern, solid brown contrast back and tail.

Our wool ties are hand-crafted to the highest standard. This is neckwear to be proud of, and will wear well with just about anything!

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