"M. Bones" (Red)

$18 $24

Grinning Skull and Bones

Grow Up, Not Old.


Mustopher Bones ain't got no body, but you'll never see him frown!

Slide this unique tie bar onto an otherwise boring tie and add personality to your look in an instant!

Construction + Fit

Designed in-house and crafted to a fine quality. Palladium-plated solid brass tie bars with hard-fired, hand-finished cloisonne enamel charm. Placed in Soxfords branded pillow-top cuff-links display box.

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Meant to be dressed up or down, with cheeky style and colors easily paired with a wide variety of shirt styles.

"Mr. Brown" Silk Knit Tie

Meet Mr. Brown. A rich, solid brown knit tie that will wear well with just about anything. Style has never been more simple!

"Charleston" Light Heather Grey Socks

Light grey Peruvian Pima cotton socks with a heather finish featuring dark red toe, heel, and cuff contrasts. A sock as awesome as you are!