"M. Jones"


Mustache and Monocles

Grow Up, Not Old.


A subtle design that puts just enough mustache into your daily routine without being ridiculous.

Gift-boxed, and ready to impress.

Construction + Fit

Designed in-house and crafted to a fine quality. Palladium-plated solid brass tie bars with hard-fired, hand-finished cloisonne enamel charm. Placed in Soxfords branded pillow-top display box.

Tie bars measure just over 1.6" wide (perfect for most ties), and just over 0.25" wide. The charms themselves are just under 0.75" on the longest side - just large enough to show detail, without being overwhelming.

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Meant to be dressed up or down, with cheeky style and colors easily paired with a wide variety of shirt styles.

Customer Reviews

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"M. Jones" Cuff Links

Enameled cuff links with just a hint of mustache make for a sophisticated fellow.

"Mustopher Jones" Socks

Light grey Pima cotton dress socks featuring a sophisticated pattern of pipes and top-hats. A monocled mustache is embroidered near the ankle for fun detail.