Grow-a-Frog Kit

$20 $24


Better than a sea monkey (total misnomer btw), these classic kits make the perfect desk pet.

We have great memories of hand-feeding our pet Grow-a-Frogs back in the day, and felt that fit perfectly with the Soxfords "Grow up, not old" lifestyle. Give them a little TLC, and the little tadpoles will grow up into friendly frogs that are easy to care for, fun to watch (a.k.a."zone out" to during long meetings), can be trained to be hand-fed, and are just plain nostalgic fun!

Construction + Fit

This kit provides everything you need to watch a tadpole grow into a baby froglet. Just send in the pre-paid postcard that comes with your kit and in a few weeks you will receive a live tadpole. Keep your new pet happy, and soon you'll have a friendly frog happy to keep you company. No strings attached!

All froggies come with a lifetime guarantee by the Three Rivers company.

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