"Mint Julep"


Green with Pin Dots and Contrast Tip

Grow Up, Not Old.


Deep green with contrasting light green dots and light green accent tip, you'll leave them green with envy!

Construction + Fit

Crafted from 100% tightly woven silk, our knit ties class up those jeans, or dress down that suit. Knit ties are back in style for a reason - you can wear them with just about anything!

Knit ties are 2.25" wide for a modern look that still caters to traditional tastes. Our ties are meant to be dressed up or down, with patterns and colors easily paired with a wide variety of shirt styles.

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Designed in-house, these silk knit ties are crafted to the highest quality possible. Neck-wear you'll be proud to show off!

"Hula Girl" Tie Bar

A playful hula girl makes for a great-looking, cheerfully colorful tie bar.

"Frog Legs" Socks

Dark green Pima cotton dress socks featuring a detailed lily pads and pond pattern with a detailed embroidered "frog prince" on the calf.