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Sky blue Peruvian Pima cotton mid-calf socks featuring a detailed gears and cogs pattern and intricately embroidered robot and gears embroidery. Don't be a cog in the wheel!

One size fits most, comfortably accommodating US men’s shoe sizes 8-13, women’s 10+.

Construction + Fit

A moderate-weight mix of 80% premium Peruvian Pima cotton, 17% Nylon, and 3% Spandex.

Using 120N knitting machines to craft socks with a fine level of detail, our socks are made exclusively of "36/2" yarn, where two fine yarns are spun into a single, stronger, yarn of high quality and durability.  Added stretch molds our socks comfortably around your legs all day, with a double-wide cuff to keep socks from slouching!

Designed in-house right here in New York, and crafted to the highest quality possible in Colombia, these are socks to be proud of. We know we are!

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"Cogsworth" - a Soxfords poem.

Alarm rings. Snooze. Alarm rings. Grumble. Shower. Teeth brushed. Blue shirt. Tan pants. Brown shoes. Car keys. Ignition. Traffic. Train. Open paper. Subway. Summer sweat/winter mess. Office. Coffee. Bagel. Email. Projections. Meetings. Water cooler. Lunch. Excel. Email. Sleepy. More coffee! Meetings. Shut computer. Subway. Train. Traffic. Home. Family. Dinner. Couch. Bed. Sleep. Repeat. TGIF!

Sound familiar? As weekdays blend together it’s all too easy to lose your identity in the workaday world. Breathe some life into boring business casual, and let Soxfords’ Cogsworth help you to “grow up, not old!”