Striped Christmas Pattern Necktie

Grow Up, Not Old.


The perfect Christmas necktie!  This fine fellow is carrying a Christmas tree across a snowy field towards his classic red pickup truck. Green with a pin-dot pattern that creates a snow-textured 'forest' backdrop.

Our new classic, to be worn whenever that chill is in the air! 

Construction + Fit

Our 100% silk embroidered ties are locally crafted here in New York City. Featuring original artwork, with self-tipped backing and loop, these ties will stand out from the crowd!

3.25" wide at the widest point for a modern fit that still caters to traditional tastes. Meant to be dressed up or down, with smart patterns and versatile colors easily paired with a wide variety of shirt styles.

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"Evergreen" - a Soxfords story.

Too tall, too thin, with needles too sharp.
Too fat, too short, with branches that drop.
Asymmetric and off-center, the trunk a weird shape.
Shapely and perfect, but completely fake.
As we shop for a tree, and trudge through the snow, Each tree may remind us of someone we know!

"Evergreen" is the perfect tie to take the chill from the air!

Designed in-house and manufactured right here in New York, these ties are crafted to the highest quality possible. Neck-wear you'll be proud to show off!

"Evergreen" Pima Cotton Socks

The perfect Christmas sock is here!  Embroidered man carrying a Christmas tree strolls across a snowy field towards his classic red pickup truck. Green with a birds-eye pattern creates a snow-textured 'forest' scene.

"Brain Drain"  Silk Tie

Made for the wandering mind, this royal blue necktie is complemented by a white pin-dot pattern to create a handsomely bold look - made complete with a quirky "brain drain" accent subtly embroidered near the tip.