"Dachshund's Dilemma"


A Very Long Dog.

Grow Up, Not Old.


A very long dog looks great stretched across an otherwise plain tie. 

Slide this unique tie bar onto an otherwise boring tie and add personality to your look in an instant!

Construction + Fit

Designed in-house and crafted to the highest quality possible. Palladium-plated solid brass tie bars with hard-fired, hand-finished cloisonne enamel charm. Placed in Soxfords branded pillow-top display box.

Meant to be dressed up or down, with cheeky style and colors easily paired with a wide variety of shirt styles.

Read On...

"Dachshund's Dilemma" - a Soxfords poem.

The market is booming for dachshund enhancers,
As doxies are known to be shallow romancers!
Those shortest of body all play second fiddle,
So dachshunds are desperate to lengthen their middles!
The longer the better as they stretch themselves out,
Expanding obscenely from their tail to their snout!
With bodies so long that their backs are all sagging,
Elongated such that their bellies are dragging,
You’d think such discomfort would stop their tails wagging!

Will they come to their senses? We don’t have an answer. But the market is booming for dachshund enhancers!

"Dachshund's Dilemma" Socks

Tan with blue stripes, these Peruvian Pima cotton mid-calf socks feature a subtle, highly detailed Dachshund embroidery cleverly wound around the ankle - sniffing...something (or someone!).

"Quickstep" Silk Knit Tie

Deep blue knit tie with brightly contrasting white stripes and pink accent tip. The "Quickstep" is such a beauty that we've had to keep them under lock and key to ward off assassination attempts by jealous rivals!