"Mr. Black"


Blacker than the Blackest Black, Times Infinity

Grow Up, Not Old.


Meet Mr. Black. A sleek, jet black body that will wear well with just about anything. Style has never been easier.

Construction + Fit

Crafted from 100% tightly woven silk, our knit ties class up those jeans, or dress down that suit. Knit ties are back in style for a reason - you can wear them with just about anything!

Knit ties are 2.25" wide for a modern look that still caters to traditional tastes. Our ties are meant to be dressed up or down, with patterns and colors easily paired with a wide variety of shirt styles.

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Designed in-house, these silk knit ties are crafted to the highest quality possible. Neck-wear you'll be proud to show off!

"Robot Uprising" Full-Calf Socks

A detailed robot motif designed by world famous artist Don Moyer adds subtle interest to these black luxury Pima cotton socks.

"Blast Off" Rocket Ship Cuff Links

Rocket Ship enameled cuff links - perfect for the desk-bound astronaut.