We're not Spam! Help us to help Google understand.

Posted On : Nov 23, 17

By : Ryan Kent

Haven't heard from us lately?  Not surprising - and we need your help!!!

A few months back, we started noticing a large decrease in our newsletter clicks.  Not great for a small growing business!  Was it something we said?  Were are new Snowman socks not the right shade of holiday red?? No! 

It turns out our website had been under attack by a series of Spammers who flooded our newsletter signup with hundreds of fake or stolen email addresses.  

As our newsletter welcome messages went out, these Spammers (or Spam-bots) marked our emails as Spam.  Google saw our emails being marked as Spam, and suddenly Soxfords was flagged as a domain in "Bad" standing.

Not cool.

We work extremely hard to make sure we create great-looking gear.  Our fan base means everything to us, and we make every effort to send out only simple, informative newsletters about our company.  

We could use your help. 

Please look in your SPAM folder for any Soxfords related newsletters.  Mark these as "not Spam".  This will help Google know that our emails are not junk mail, and that we're not really all that bad :)

How to mark Soxfords as Not Spam

If you take the time to do this, please know that it is greatly appreciated.  There is nothing more frustrating as a small business owner than being the victim of a spam attack, and we've been feeling it's impact!

We hope to stick around for quite some time, and this is just a small hurdle towards growing our business - but an important one!  How else can we bring you notice of awesome designs like these?

Soxfords Golf Socks are Great Looking, and certainly not Spam.

Thanks for caring!

Much love,


Founder, Soxfords


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