Soxmas Day 9: Frog Legs are Back - Save 20%!

Soxmas Day 9

They're Back!
Our Favorite New Design Restocked.

Use code: "SOXMAS20" & save 20% at checkout.

 Deal expires 12/22/2016 at midnight PST, and cannot be combined with any other offer.


Soxfords Frog Themed Socks

Who Says It's Not Easy Being Green?

Kermit  aside, we just love how well the festive green contrasts with the intense pink highlights to frame the scene of a Frog Prince lording over his kingdom. 
It's easy to see why these were the choice pick for the tastemaker bloggers at Cool Hunting to feature in their exclusive "Omakase" gift boxes this Holiday - which is why they've been unavailable on the Soxfords site until today!

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