Welcome to Soxfords 2.0!

Introducing an all-new Soxfords.com!

Soxfords News: New Site Design Launch!

Cue the fireworks...

Welcome to the all-new Soxfords 2.0!  

The old site from our launch just wasn't cutting the mustard any longer.  With wide-screen monitors now the norm, and new methods of site design coming into favor, we felt the need to really focus on what shows Soxfords off best - our brand site!

Our new site design focuses on creating an easy shopping experience, with cleaner navigation and new product discovery features to help you find something new.  We also wanted to show off our products and images in a much cleaner, less cluttered fashion.

I think we've done it!

Long hours...

It's been quite a few months of wire-framing site mock-ups, re-formatting images, editing site content, and integrating new apps (like product reviews) into our site's back-end.  Each time we thought something was finished, a new issue would pop-up!  It was a terrible game of whack-a-mole...

Fast forward to today and we've created a responsive, easy-to-navigate site that should help you to discover new designs and products that you may never have known we carried!  

As with anything new, "bugs" may pop-up from time-to-time.  If you see something, please say something!  We're always happy for the feedback.

Thank you again for checking us out - we wouldn't be here without you!



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