"Just Ducky" - a Silly, Sudsy Poem.

One rubber duck met another rubber duck,
and another rubber duck made three.
The three rubber ducks found a fourth rubber duck, 
and his rubber duck family.
Now these eight rubber ducks
had a huddle in the bubbles,
as the bubble bath burbled while it filled.
But this rubber duck bubble-huddle became a
very-troubled-muddle when the bubble bath's bubbles over-spilled!
Now this rubber duck bubble-huddle-turned-bubble-muddle
splish-splashed in a puddle on the floor,
and the rubber duck bubble-huddle-turned-bubble-muddle-in-a-puddle floated merrily out the door!

Now that I've got that out of my system, go on to enjoy the namesake socks!
Just Ducky Polka Dot Socks

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