Socks in High Places - Birthday Socks for President Bush Spark a Sock Frenzy!

Posted On : Jun 12, 13

By : Ryan Kent

Now we obviously get excited whenever people start talking about socks - but today just blew our minds.  The George Bush Presidential Library Foundation celebrated the 89th Birthday of former President  H. W. Bush by celebrating his love of fun and funky socks by encouraging sock lovers around the world to share their sock photos on their facebook page and on twitter, using the hashtag #41s89th.

So cool.  

In one fell swoop President Bush has single-handedly legitimized the fun sock industry!  George Bush loves his socks!

We are more than excited to see enthusiasm for socks reach the highest echelons of our government - not exactly known for being fashion forward - and we think we know why:  there really aren't many articles of clothing you can wear that help you stand out, without standing out!  Cuff-links, sure - but there aren't many of us who wear french cuffs on a daily basis.  Suspenders?  Yup - but those are currently regulated to the fashion elite and hipsters of the world (though we're sure they will have their day again soon!).  Ties?  Right front-and-center, too in-your-face!!

Yup, socks are the only real way to showcase the true you - the goofy, fun-loving, quirky individual who still likes drinking milk right out of the carton - without making a public display of yourself. 

We've always felt that Soxfords fit this mold perfectly.  Our themes are meant to be a bit more subtle than your everyday novelty sock, while still poking a bit of fun at the establishment.  Every pair or our smart and snappy dress socks tells a story - Space Invaders, Hula Girls, Astronauts, Lobsters...with a unique design match. We certainly don't take ourselves too seriously, but our dress socks are well constructed out of premium cotton, and are full calf with hand-linked toes for a dressier look and feel.

So for you sock lovers out there - rejoice!  Our day to shine has finally come - roll up those trousers with pride!

For those of you just getting into the sock game, welcome!  You will find we are a brand at once smart and sophisticated, yet fun and funky.  Ease in with a more subtle pair, like our Lobster-themed Lobster Boils, or dive right in with the colorful Cogsworths! Either way take pride in yourself through your socks - and know that you now have some pretty elite company!  

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