Restock your sock drawer in one simple click!

Alarm rings. Snooze. Alarm rings. Grumble. Stumble. Coffee. Dress.

Soxfords Snappy Dress Socks Combo PackIt's hard enough getting up in the morning - why waste your time sifting through piles of old, worn out socks, trying to find a pair that won't ruin the effect of your spiffy new suit?

At Soxfords, we strive to make your mornings just a little bit easier, your look a little bit perkier, your life a little bit better. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it!

For this reason, we now offer combo packs of our most popular designs. With just one click, you can restock your sock drawer! Try out The Whole Enchilada, which combines all twelve of our great pairs of dress socks into one great package. You get 12 brand-spanking-new pairs of our dress socks - enough for those pesky work weeks sandwiching your precious weekend! Twelve pairs seem a bit overkill? Well there's the colofully bright Spring Fling threesome? Feeling a bit nostalgic? Grab comfy with some classic Black & Tans. Or, get your game on with the Space Invaders Grey & Brown Combo.

By purchasing a multi-pack you get an immediate wardrobe refresh, and we pay it forward by throwing a great discount your way - can't really go wrong there!

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