RG3 and the sock revolution!

Many of us have heard of Washington Redskins Offensive Rookie of the Year, RG3, and his choice in fancy socks:

"Yup, it's gotta be the socks. Whether it was the Ninja Turtles that he wore to media day, the the Superman socks he wore to accept his Heisman trophy, or the "Go Catch Your Dream" pair that he wore on draft day, RG3's secret weapon is undeniably his sock game, channeling the powers of everyone from Barney to Elmo." (GQ)

As RG3 launches socks back into the spotlight, does our fascination with his funky footware highlight how we define ourselves through fashion?

Today, “Business Casual” has become the great equalizer of the modern office- an efficient dress code consisting of dress pants and open-collar shirts utilizing standard color pallets. Ties, cufflinks, suspenders, hats, and other accessory items which allowed a man to subtly express himself and maintain a semblance of individuality in the repressive, Orwellian environments of yesteryear have fallen into disuse in favor of more comfortable and utilitarian options.

While our commutes have become more comfortable since the “Mad Men” era of somber three-piece suits, our freedom to ‘dress down’ has ironically limited our clothing options, creating the illusion of choice while limiting individual expression.  Bereft of self-expressive accessories the modern man is rendered fashionably impotent!

Bridging the identity gap created by "Business Casual", fun, well-crafted dress socks (such as Soxfords' Camel Toes or Space Invaders designs) feature unique patterns meant to define the wearer, letting unique personalities peek out without being flashy.  

Soxfords Unique Dress Sock Lineup

Sometimes it’s the little things that get us though the day.  While RG3 may be giving socks the attention they deserve today, we'll continue to be drawn to the subtle sense of empowerment a good pair of funky dress socks provides us as long as we feel like tiny cogs in a giant machine!

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Who would have thought socks had so much meaning? :)

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