"Socks stomp out breast cancer!" or "Hooray for Boobies!!!"

Posted On : Sep 04, 14

By : Ryan Kent

a perky little poem...

Sport a pair of the newest Soxfords, "Hooray for Boobies", and join us in celebrating the greatest of body parts!

$5 for each pair sold will go directly towards supporting breast cancer research and awareness efforts.


We had a great time designing this one.

Hand-drawn boobies were lovingly translated into a stitched pattern to create a fun-loving sock like no other! 

Wearing these socks will:

  • Gain you increased attention from crawling infants!
  • Have you banned from Instagram for taking risqué sock-selfies!
  • Cause an irrational desire to flash some ankle!
  • Increase your CHR by +5! (yeah, we're nerds)

     ​​Dark grey Pima cotton in "Signature" Soxfords style with pink accents add an extra bounce to your step no matter what you're wearing.

    Introducing our new women's size!

    We now cater to more petite feet! Our new designs, as well as a few of our recent favorites, will be offered in a smaller mid-calf style that will comfortably fit women's shoe sizes between 6 - 10 (men's 8 and below). The new size fits a but more snugly on smaller feet, with a shorter leg length than our standard "Men's" size.

    As with all of our "Signature" line of socks, both sizes are crafted out of premium Peruvian Pima cotton.

    Mid-Calf only for this one! With the addition of the "women's" size we needed to focus on a single style. So let those calves breathe!

     Pre-Order and Save!

    These socks are set to drop into our warehouse by the middle of October, in time to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

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