Cuff Links are Finally In Stock!

After months of work, our first batch of originally designed fanciful enameled cuff links are in stock!  I won't bore you with the gritty details of getting a decent pair of cuff links manufactured - that's for another post.

What's more relevant is this - is "Cuff Links" always spelled as two words?  I really want to use the spelling "Cufflinks", and spell check is going nuts.

Anyway - I hope you enjoy my newest round of designs.  The cufflink findings are Palladium plated, with incredibly detailed charms that were enameled and hand-finished in a cloisonne style - where small chambers of colored enamel are hand-filled, then heated, and repeated until each chamber of color is full.  Then polished and cooled - it's a lot of work to get right!  

I hope you enjoy - they are little works of art sure to bring a smile to even the stodgiest of suits. 



Artistic Enameled Cuff Links by Soxfords

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