From Pancakes to Princes.

Soxfords "Frog Legs" Dress Socks

Way back in 2010, when Soxfords was just a bunch of scattered notes on a computer, our first design, "The Count of Monte Cristo" was (almost) born...

"The Count" was meant to be a repeating pattern of tiny little frogs, similar to a design mentioned in the classic novel that was it's namesake.  We didn't realize then just how difficult creating this pattern would be!  

Socks have only a limited number of stitches per square inch, and creating an intricate, professional-looking pattern proved a bit tricky.  Our first attempts at sock design were interesting, to say the least...


Soxfords Frogs for Socks


       It's not easy being green!





And this was after weeks (maybe months) of hard work!  We have a much greater respect for the pixel artists of old-school video games now.  

That's not to say the design looked awful, but when the socks were worn those happy frogs stretched out to form little green pancakes - not the most appealing sight! 

After eight (!) rounds of revamps and prototypes, "The Count" design was shelved, but from that initial pattern of poorly-pixilated frogs, one of our newest designs, "Frog Legs" was born!


Meet a new breed of socks.

Fast forward a few years, and we've gotten a bit better at this sort of thing.   We decided on using colorful embroidery for the "frog prince", and went with a larger, more intricately stitched scene that really lets a story unfold.  

It takes quite a bit of effort to translate the artwork you see on the left to the actual, physical sock on the right.  Images are converted to pixels, colors are adapted to meet the realities of production, and lots of late night decisions are made (typically over a glass or two)  to fine-tune details - and that's before the first round prototypes are even received!

Soxfords "Frogs Legs" Dress Socks Design Notes

Our designs are now being crafted in Columbia, at a fantastic family-run mill that's been making socks for generations.  They are downright amazing at what they can accomplish, and their skill has really allowed us to take Soxfords' designs to a new level.  

Using an ultra luxe blend of Pima-cotton (praised for its softness and durability), "Frog Legs" and all of the "Newbies" are made to the highest standard possible. These are seriously awesome dress socks.  Socks you (and your feet) can be proud of.  We know we are!


Gifts galore!

It just so happens that "Frog Legs" is also one of our socks lucky enough to have a themed gift box named after it!

"Think Outside the Socks!" We've placed our best-selling socks alongside collections of well-crafted products from small artisan companies and curated collectibles to bring an assortment of high-quality, truly unique gift boxes.  Available now!

Soxfords - 2014 Socks!

Thanks for hanging out with us this past year.  Now that we've had a bit of time to figure things out, we're betting big!  Soon to come - new designs, mid-calf styles, seasonal blends, maybe even get a surprise or two!

We wish you the best, please stick around!

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