"An Ignoble End" - A Fish Story

One day a kindly old fisherman was sitting on a bench placed on the ice far out into the middle of a very large lake. Feeling a tug , he quickly started to reel in his line. A huge struggle ensued, and at the end of a mighty battle the fisherman proudly pulled up a large golden fish. Laying on the ice, gasping for breath, the fish started to speak: "Kind fisherman! If you would but release me I would gladly grant your every heart's desire !"

Fishing Themed Dress Socks

Feeling a bit peckish after sitting on the ice all day, the old man had but one thing on his mind- a nice magical golden fish dinner, preferably in a lemon butter sauce. And that is just what he asked for after he released the fish back into the water. Enjoying his meal, the fisherman idly said to himself, "I wish I had some salt and pepper to go with this magical golden fish dinner," and looked about expectantly. But by then, of course, it was too late. The man shrugged and continued to eat his meal, heading home soon after.

You may not be able to write a compelling novella, but put on a pair of Soxfords' An Ignoble End, and feel proud in remembering that you are much more interesting than the story above!


"An Ignoble End" was one of our original attempts at making a more complex sock design - and it's remains one of our favorites!  The dark navy blue body pairs nicely with just about any outfit, and the intricately stitched golden fish pattern just pokes about above the average loafer's shoe line for a subtle touch of whimsy.  Available in mid-calf and full-calf styles.  Enjoy!

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