Socks to be Tied



We know everyone loves our socks.  They're pretty much the funnest, best made foot-wrappings around!  The only problem?  Socks spend 90% of their day hidden away.  Sure, that's part of their subtle charm, but sometimes you want your socks to really stand front and center!

Enter "Socks to be Tied", our newest addition to the Soxfords line.  With a pattern of stately socks finely woven on a traditional silk tie, this NYC-made necktie proudly shouts your love of socks to the world!


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We're launching a new line of quirky/chic jacquard patterned silk ties in the near future, and if we see enough support for this concept, it might just make it to launch!

Thanks for playing along! Enter "APRILFOOLS" for $10 off any order (for real this time).

Construction + Fit

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