"Hula + Hibiscus"


Colorful Hawaiian Hula Girls + Hibiscus Pattern


Royal blue background with a flowing pattern of dancing hula girls and hibiscus flowers.  Put your feet up and dream of the next vacation - that you'll probably never take!

Construction + Fit

Our 100% silk embroidered ties are locally crafted here in New York City. Featuring original artwork, with self-tipped backing and loop, this tie will stand out from the crowd!

Ties are 3" wide for a modern fit that still caters to traditional tastes. Our ties are meant to be dressed up or down, with patterns and colors easily paired with a wide variety of shirt styles.

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Designed in-house and manufactured right here in New York, these ties are crafted to the highest quality possible. Neck-wear you'll be proud to show off!

"Hula Girls" Cuff Links

A playful pair of hula girls make for some great cuff links. We fell in love with a series of vintage WWII naval tattoos, and these lovely ladies were the result!

Green Striped Socks

Bright green Peruvian Pima cotton socks with white and navy stripes. Sure, we're known for our fun-loving socks themed around fantastical stories and adventurous designs, but some days you just need to let things mellow!